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Organic Fatherhood

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

If you would have asked me to describe how I pictured myself as a father I would have described someone who was laid back, wore those new balance dad sneakers, and drove a minivan. No shade to wearing new balance sneakers, but you get where I’m going here. Luckily not much has changed as far as my attire goes, and I’m driving a full-size sedan with leather seats, and a cool sunroof. However, I am exactly one car seat away from a minivan. As far as being laid back, that is far out of the window when every other word I say is “Hey,” “Stop,” “Sit-down!”

“Fatherhood is a privilege that carries a huge responsibility.”

The surprisingly unpredictable lifestyle of fatherhood is more than what I’d thought it would be. Prior to having children, I pictured parenthood to be more mundane than unpredictable. Ironically, I shoot for the routine lifestyle, but how God works, things rarely go as planned. For example, my two-year-old daughter Karter is currently potty training, and she’s almost got it down packed, but will still have accidents from time to time. For some strange reason the accidents are always at the worst times. Aside from the challenges that fatherhood brings, there is a jolt of joy you feel every day you wake up knowing that there is a little person who loves you unconditionally.

The feeling of being a father is absolutely rewarding, and reassuring. Overhearing my daughter say “my bike is broken, but my daddy will fix it,” just warms my heart because I can’t fix anything that breaks, and there is nothing about me that says “handy.” But, the fact that Daddy is her first response in her time of need is gratifying. Although we’re in a middle of a pandemic I’ve found much joy in being able to work from home, and watch my children grow up. In life we miss out on so many moments in our children’s lives as they are in daycare for roughly 40 hours a week.

Fatherhood is a privilege that carries a huge responsibility, and during these times of uncertainty, it's important to cherish these moments.

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