These photos show my ability to balance the lighting when shooting, and editing the photos using Adobe Lightroom. 

This is a video of students at Radford University marching for the mistreated students at University of Missouri. I shot and edited this video, which shows that I possess great shooting, and editing skills using IMovie.

This is an Instagram page that I started for my online magazine, to promote upcoming events, and articles. This displays social media skills which are important, because I was able to build a connection and grow a community.

This was a profile article of a scholarly student that was published on the Radford University website, which displayed substantial interviewing, and writing skills.

This is an online magazine that I created, and later recruited a staff of writers to help publish articles. This shows my ability to manage a large group of people, and creatively design a website.

This is a news story that I worked as an anchor/director. I organized all of the interviews which show that I exemplify great interpersonal communication skills.